In secret meet India disscused with China on land laws

India can be playing a significant role in China’s transition to to private ownership of land. during a meeting that was unbroken secret, a high-level Chinese delegation led by its vice-minister for legislative affairs of the state council is understood to own met high officials of India’s legislative department here to grasp and frame a sturdy law for China, giving ‘individual rights on land to people in each rural and urban areas’.


“Land dispute settlement, compensation, legal and policy protection on house possession and inheritance were some of the issues mentioned,” sources aforesaid.

The six-member Chinese delegation was keen to find out how land possession rights area unit regulated in India, as well as compensation paid on land acquisition, and the Indian government’s rehabilitation and resettlement policies.

In China, at present, land is in hand by the state. Farmers neither have rights over the land they cultivate, nor will they claim possession of the homes they live in.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is preparing, in keeping with economic expert, a ‘profound revolution’ that may completely set the stage for the end of Mao’s ‘people’s communes’ and give rights to people to mortgage properties they have been hired out by the state.

The visit of the Chinese delegation to find out from India’s experience on land laws, is considered vital in the background of the vision Xi Jinping unveiled at the third plenum last November, wherever he spoke regarding “greater land rights for farmers, the reform of the home registration system” as part of his 60-point reform agenda.

Experts think about President Xi’s reform agenda out and away the most ambitious of all his plans, stronger than even the Deng Xiaoping-led reform initiatives of the 1978.

“The Chinese team came to debate legislation associated with urbanization and connected land systems; the legal framework on agricultural land, quantum of agricultural land, size of farms, range of landless peasants and the system of possession and rights of mistreatment such land and legal protection granted to marginalized sections,” sources aforesaid.

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Vice minister Xia was notably interested to grasp how we tend to handle our land acquisition issues and the way it is regulated through legislation, the supply supplemental. The delegation conjointly mentioned the special rights given to tribals and in regular areas.

The law ministry is believed to own ready and distributed a comprehensive note to the Chinese delegation on administration of such regular and notified areas and protection given to the people below Article 244.

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